Nov 13, 2022

How Much Does Gutter Replacement Cost In Seattle?

Tim Shepel
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The nickname "Rain City" describes Seattle well. The metropolis averages 152 wet days every year. Most people are likely used to rain because it happens so often in their everyday lives. That is why most residents see and appreciate the value of a well-functioning roof-draining system for their homes.

High-quality gutters are essential for diverting rainwater away from your roof and protecting your home from water damage. A gutter that is of low quality would undoubtedly cause a lot of heartache and stress for you and your loved ones.

While gutter replacement can be pricey, it’s less expensive than repairing or replacing your entire roof or a room that has been damaged or destroyed due to water damage.

This article summarizes the average cost of replacing a home's gutters to help you confirm that you're paying the right amount for the services you need.

Getting The Numbers Right

Leaves in eaves. cleaning gutter blocked with autumn leaves.

If you can afford it, we strongly suggest working with professionals in your area to get the right measurements. It’ll save you time—and money, since you don’t need to purchase any gear and equipment.

If you’re determined to go the DIY route, ensure you have the proper protective equipment, such as a reliable ladder, safety gloves, a safety helmet, and accurate measuring tools. Next, measure the roof, the roof's pitch, the width of the gutters, and the length of the gutters in linear feet.

Below are guidelines to properly get the measurements:

  • Measure the lengths and widths of your roof's multiple sections. The total square footage of a given area can be calculated by multiplying its length by its width. Take the sum of these measurements to determine the complete square foot of the roof.
  • Obtain a leveling device and hold it horizontally, with one end resting on the roof's surface, to calculate the roof's pitch. Measure 12 inches along the segment of the level that touches the roof and then the distance from the roof to the level's base.
  • Take careful measurements of the length of each gutter run from corner to corner. Don’t stop measuring until you have marked the entire length of the gutters system.
  • Use a measuring tape to determine how long each downspout stands.

These are the measurements you’ll need when you ask for quotes from gutter system vendors.

Preparing Your Budget With Estimates

Before starting a gutter replacement project in Seattle, you should have a good idea of how much it’s going to cost you. Gutter replacement typically ranges from USD$1,000 to USD$5,600 for 200 linear feet for a single-story house. The national average is around USD$3,234. These figures don't include other factors affecting the final price, such as local labor hourly rates, material costs, and necessary city permits.

The estimated cost of materials in Seattle would be:

Material Average price per linear foot (In USD)
Aluminum 4 - 7
Vinyl 3 - 5
Stainless steel 7 - 20
Copper 26.40 - 30

The estimated cost of other essential components would be:

Component Average price per unit (In USD)
Splash blocks 19
Roof flashing 100 - 400
Downspouts 160
Hangers 2 - 20

The removal of your initial gutter—broken or not—will typically cost you around USD$100. It’s usually done by the same team installing your new gutter.

Hiring a Professional vs DIY

Turning gutter replacement into a DIY project can save you money on labor costs, but it's usually not a good idea. Working at heights is risky, even if you have the right protective gear. Furthermore, the amount of rotten, moist debris found within the current gutters increases the difficulty of removing it. And, most of the time, improperly placed gutters may cost you a lot more down the road. It’s best to leave the job to expert installers.

You'll save money and time in the long run if you measure the length and width of your roof and any other multiple parts required for a quote. DIY may seem like a good idea initially because of the low total cost, but the difficulty, safety risk, and potential for error make it less appealing.

Finding a reliable gutter repair business in Seattle that can properly install your new gutter would be the better investment, as you can quickly and easily fail when installing it yourself.


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