Aug 14, 2022

Gutter Maintenance Tips For Clog-Free Gutters

Tim Shepel
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Owning a home entails a list of responsibilities you need to accomplish regularly. This helps ensure you're on the right track in maintaining the function, aesthetics, and longevity of the different components of the property. Among the responsibilities you need to uphold is gutter maintenance. However, it's usually something that most homeowners don't prioritize.

Did you know that a single rainfall can expose your roof to more or less 2,000 gallons of water and that your best line of protection against this onslaught of water isn't slippery shingles or securely-sealed windows? Surprisingly, the gutters around your home are responsible for keeping the pooling water from turning into soggy, flooded landscapes.

Gutter maintenance tips and tricks to remember

You may think gutters have only one job— collecting rainfall and directing it away from your property. It may sound too simple, but when you think of the benefits of gutter cleaning maintenance, you'll realize that it's a non-negotiable responsibility.

The chance of basement flooding and other interior flooding scenarios can be significantly decreased with a properly maintained gutter system, and water can also be kept from weakening the structure of your roof. Many homeowners mistakenly feel that their gutters are working as long as there isn't a buildup of seasonal debris and leaves, but this is untrue. While maintaining clear gutter tracks is crucial, there are also many other areas of gutter care that you need to be aware of.

Here are some gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance tips and tricks that can keep your gutters clog-free:

1. Keep a regular gutter maintenance schedule

Keeping track of the maintenance schedule is a good start if you're asking how to keep your gutters clean. This helps ensure consistency as you won't forget the need to clean them. Gutter cleaning is best done at least twice a year, preferably in the spring and fall. However, you might need to extend your annual gutter cleaning plan to as often as twice a week if you reside in a region with a lot of trees.

Regular cleaning ensures that you aren't loading up your gutters with too much weight; doing so could cause gutter fasteners to pull away from your home, leading to a much more significant concern. You must set aside time to manually clean the gutters if they're simply overflowing with debris.

Depending on the structure and layout of your home, this can be as easy as utilizing gloves, a ladder, and a hose, but it might also be time-consuming. If you need to perform 3 story gutter cleaning, you'll need a higher ladder to help you reach further. Also, ensure you're using a safe, secure ladder for your personal safety.

2. Check the downspouts


The downspout elbows on your gutter system are where you should be most concerned, as most blockages will form in this area. A basic downspout obstruction might result in a variety of issues. The simplest sign to spot is when there's an overflow of water close to the downspout. Typically, this indicates that your downspout is obstructed.

To know if your downspouts are clog-free, you can run water through them using a garden hose. You may also use a leaf blower to blow through the downspout. The result is the same whether you blow air or run water through it. A stream of air or a constant flow of water should be visible. You may see the grass moving if there’s any nearby.

3. Invest in premium-grade gutters

Keeping your gutters clog-free can involve replacing them when necessary. A common question homeowners ask is when should gutters be replaced. The most straightforward answer to this is to know the tell-tale signs that indicate your gutters are nearing the end of their lifespan. The signs could include cracks, peeling paint, splits, rust, and pooling water.

When it's time to replace the gutters, consider investing in premium-grade ones that can be more efficient in doing the job. A quality system made of high-grade steel, aluminum, zinc, or copper will ensure adequate rainwater flow while sifting leaves and other particles through the carriage and effortlessly into the downspouts.

4. Hire a professional

It can be tempting to do things on your own, especially when maintaining the different components of your property. However, nothing compares to the expertise of a professional who can do the task efficiently. You might think that it can only add up to your usual gutter maintenance cost. But in the long run, you'll realize that hiring a professional can save you time and ensure proper maintenance of your gutters.

In addition, a team of experts in gutter maintenance can significantly help when you need to repair or replace your gutters. They don’t need to ask where should gutters be placed on a house and how to install them efficiently.


Gutter maintenance should be on your checklist when thinking of property upkeep. As the gutters perform a very critical job, it's essential that they're always clean and properly maintained to avoid future problems.



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