Dec 11, 2022

7 Reasons To Contact Professional Gutter Cleaners

Tim Shepel
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Keeping your home in tip-top condition is difficult, as it involves many maintenance tasks. Regular gutter inspection, upkeep, and repairs, for instance, ensure that your home is watertight on the outside and prevent any possible internal damage. If you need help keeping your gutters in good shape, then the best option is to hire a professional gutter cleaner. An expert in the field will have the knowledge and appropriate tools to complete the job perfectly.

Having clean gutters and downspouts provides you with a lot of benefits for your home, such as getting rid of nesting and breeding places for pests, such as mice, rats, and mosquitoes. However, maintaining clean gutters is hazardous and time-consuming. Hiring the services of a local gutter cleaning company can save you the hassle.

Besides, attempting to handle the job yourself might lead to serious mistakes that could produce disastrous consequences. For example, damaged or clogged gutters can result in costly damages, as they prevent water from flowing down the drain. When the water can't flow freely, it overflows the gutter, risking damage to the roofing, siding, foundation, and landscaping.

A reliable gutter cleaning company will ensure that your gutters are functioning efficiently by keeping them clean and well-maintained. Keep reading to know why you should enlist the services of a professional.

1. Safety purposes

Gutter Cleaning at a Building

Cleaning gutters can be dangerous, especially in homes with more than one story. It involves climbing ladders, with a significant risk of going up the rooftop without appropriate gears. According to CDC, over 500,000 people get treatment for ladder-related injuries every year in the US. If you don't have proper training and the right equipment, you risk falling and sustaining severe injuries or worse. So, when you hire professional gutter cleaners, you don't have to use ladders or climb up the roof.

2. The right tools

If you try to clean your gutters without the right tools, you won’t be able to get the job done well. A wire hanger that can unclog drains isn’t suitable for unclogging downspouts.

Professional gutter cleaners are well-equipped to safely and quickly clean gutters. They’re equipped with extension ladders, safety gear, vacuums, leaf blowers, and others to ensure the job is done safely and effectively.

3. Gutter damage

Having your gutters cleaned annually will prevent them from suffering any damage. However, if there are many trees on your property, it would be best to clean the gutters bi-annually.

A professional gutter cleaner will use the right equipment and proper techniques to guarantee the safety of your gutter. After all, neglecting the job can greatly affect the integrity of the external drainage system of your home.

4. Roof damage

View of bitumen shingles roof damage that needs repair.

Failure to clean will cause your gutters to clog up eventually. When your gutters are clogged, water and debris will build up on the roof. This kind of issue usually happens during cold and rainy seasons. The water can also freeze during winter and form ice dams, leading to backflow. Furthermore, backflows can cause mold growth, irreparable roof damage, or cracks in your home's foundation.

5. Efficiency

Although you might have a ladder and some makeshift tools, reaching all areas of your eavestrough is difficult. You can trust a professional gutter cleaning company to do a thorough job and attend to all the areas since they have the knowledge, expertise, and tools to clean gutters properly.

6. Cost savings

If you think you might save a few dollars by cleaning the gutters yourself, think again. Going the DIY route will be a costly mistake. You might find a wasp nest or accidentally fall in the process. In addition, you’re likely to spend more money due to mistakes and significant damage.

On the other hand, when you leave it to experts to take charge of gutter cleaning, you’ll have nothing to worry about. Professionals will surely do their job right the first time.

7. Time

As mentioned earlier, gutter cleaning is a time-consuming task, and if you usually have a busy schedule, you may find it difficult to make time for it. Should you decide to clean the gutters yourself, you might end up putting it off.

Hence, it’s better to employ the services of a professional gutter cleaner. By letting them handle it, you get to focus on your day-to-day responsibilities.

Wrapping up

Hiring professional gutter cleaners is beneficial. Professionals know what they’re doing. They don’t just clean the gutters but also check whether there are other issues affecting your gutter system. Thus, their expertise will help extend gutter life and put you at ease.

If you’re based in Seattle and are looking for professional gutter cleaners, then we are at your service. Contact us today for exceptional gutter cleaning services.