Nov 13, 2022

5 Telltale Signs Your Gutters Need Replacing

Tim Shepel
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When was the last time you purposely checked your gutters to see if they were clean or in good condition? Most of the time, the state of the house’s gutters can be the last thing on people’s minds. After all, just like the roof, your gutters are not something you can quickly see at eye level unless you intentionally look up. As a result, many people may find out too late when their gutters already need repairing or, worse, entire replacement.

Furthermore, some homeowners tend to rely heavily on gutter guards, in which the demand percentage is expected to increase by 2.5% annually in 2025. However, installing gutter guards is not effective enough to protect your gutters from damage. Although they help prevent leaves and debris from clogging your gutters, when not regularly checked and cleaned, they can cause them to sag, which will require repair or replacement.

Frequent gutter cleaning and inspection can help prevent serious gutter problems and repairs. Nonetheless, a time can still come when your gutters require replacement. So, how to tell if it’s time for a gutter replacement?

Here are five telltale signs your old gutters need replacing for your guide.

1. Rusty gutters

One of the most apparent signs of gutter replacement is rusty gutters. This usually happens to gutters that are already old or haven’t been replaced for over 10 to 15 years. Rust can weaken your gutters, which could collapse when left overlooked. It may be easy to find rust on the outside surface of your gutters, but you should also check the inside to see how rust has severely covered your entire gutter system. Typically, it’s pretty easy to spot a rusty gutter due to its reddish-brownish color that quickly stands out.

So, if you see your gutters looking rusty, hiring a gutter replacement service may be ideal. You may search for “gutter replacement company near me” or “gutter replacement service” to get a list of all the reputable companies that can replace your gutters immediately. Besides research, you may also consult your friends or relatives for referrals for gutter replacement companies they previously hired.

2. Leaking gutters

Leaky gutters are often hard to detect, especially when they’re too small. Sometimes, you can only tell your gutters are leaking when it’s raining, and you can see water running off your drains. You may check if you have leaky gutters by situating a hose inside the gutter and turning the tap on. From there, you can observe as the water flows to the downpipes. Watch out for any small cracks or holes in which the water could leak. If you see a few leaks, then it’s a sign to have a new gutter installed.

Otherwise, when overlooked, leaky gutters could cause structural damage to your house. So, contact the nearest gutter experts immediately and have them replaced before the rainy season. If you’re in Seattle or anywhere nearby, contact gutter replacement Seattle services for immediate new gutter installation.

3. Sagging troughs or broken seams

worker installing the gutter system on the roof

Aside from rusty gutters, another obvious telltale sign for immediate gutter replacement is sagging gutters. Gutters usually sag when there’s too much snow or rain or debris buildup due to a lack of cleaning. As a result, the gutter seams would break, brought by the heavy load weighing down the gutters and causing them to sag.

When overlooked, your sagging gutters will create another pathway, causing the water to flow in two directions. The water spills from the side caused by the sagging troughs will directly fall into the ground. This could cause problems like flooded basements, eroded landscaping, or damaged home foundation.

Sagging troughs and broken seams can only be rectified with an entire gutter replacement. So, find the best Seattle gutter replacement service in your area before your damaged gutters can cause more structural damage to your home.

4. Cracks and splits

As they say, gutters with cracks and splits are as useless as a bucket with holes in the bottom. Regardless of how big or small the cracks are, they’ll only defeat the purpose of your drainage system and increase the risk of future structural damage. To check if your gutters have cracks and splits, you may use binoculars to inspect them closely, as it’s safer than climbing a ladder yourself.

Or, if you recently experienced a storm or heavy rain and you suspect that your gutters have cracks, you can immediately call the gutter experts so they can perform a thorough inspection. They’ll also be the ones to assess which part of the gutter system will need replacement.

5. Overflowing water

You’ve probably checked and ensured that your gutters are free from cracks, splits, holes, or leaks. However, during the heavy rain, you still notice the water overflowing from your gutters despite flowing in one direction towards the downpipe. When this happens, it’s either that your gutters are not installed or angled correctly or your current gutter system is too narrow for your house.

The standard gutter size should be between five to six inches so it’ll be more capable of handling harsh weather conditions. So, have it checked by the gutter experts so they can replace it with the right gutter size and install it correctly to avoid overflowing water.

Key takeaway

Like the other parts of your house, your gutters must also be cleaned, maintained, and regularly inspected to ensure they’re still functioning efficiently and in good condition. You can choose to inspect the gutters yourself or hire the gutter experts to do the inspection. And if one of these extensive issues is detected, book the earliest appointment possible for immediate gutter replacement.