Oct 3, 2022

5 Reasons You Need Professional Gutter Installation

Tim Shepel
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The gutter is perhaps one of the most neglected sections of the home, being that they’re located on the roof. Gutters, however, play an important role in keeping water away and preserving a building’s structural integrity.

Gutter repair, replacement, and installation is a subsector in the roofing industry, valued at USD$ 56 billion in the United States. In addition, there are over 82,000 contractors in the country, employing more than 267,000 individuals as of May 30.

While a do-it-yourself home gutter installation sounds exciting, a poorly installed one can be dangerous, leading to serious home damage. That being said, this crucial project is best left to professionals for the following reasons.

1. Access to the best materials

Worker Attaching Aluminum Rain Gutter and Down Spout to Fascia of House

People who install gutters are certified experts who can use their training and ample experience to recommend the best materials for your home. For instance, properties in areas prone to heavy rainfall need reliable gutters with flashing to manage a deluge and lead the water to the drainage systems. Metal gutters are recommended in regions with snow or wildfire risks as they’re more resilient than vinyl.

Given these considerations, hiring contractors can be your best bet, as they have developed good working relations with suppliers who can provide them with excellent materials based on your project requirements. Additionally, building materials have been rising since 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, as contractors buy in bulk, they often get good discounts, saving you from paying too much for a DIY project.

2. Get the job done right the first time

close up view of gutters on roof

Before initiating work, contractors must survey your home and consider essential aspects of your location and structure. From there, gutter experts can determine the best materials, critical add-ons like flashing, roof guard, and the number of downspouts needed.

Moreover, expertise is needed for other materials, especially metals that need to be molded and welded. Steel, zinc, and copper gutters are more resilient to violent storms and could last three times or more than vinyl with proper use and maintenance. If you’ve chosen these metals for your gutter, it’s best to call the experts to do the job.

Armed with the right decision, materials, and equipment, your gutter experts can perform the project with the fewest errors possible. More importantly, it’s in the contractor’s best interest to get the job done right, as going back to correct a job entails time and costs.

3. Offset costly repairs

Gutter installation costs range from $585 to $1,535, with the national average at $1,057. Expect prices to vary, depending on your location, work requirements, materials, and other additional needs, like if you want to install gutter flashing and gutter hangers. Additionally, labor costs consist of up to 60% of the prices.

Comparatively, asphalt roof replacement costs USD$31,535 on average, whereas metal roofing can rack up to $51,436 in costs. If you keep your gutters properly installed and maintained, you can save yourself from spending this much on your roof. Wind and hail damage is typically covered by insurance, with certain conditions. For instance, if your roof is old or lacks regular maintenance, your insurance company might reject your claim.

A strong gutter can reinforce your roof’s resilience amid climate change. A study discovered that global damage from severe weather disturbances costs USD$ 210 billion in 2020. Such destructions also took a USD$ 95 billion toll in the US, almost twice the damage caused by flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires a year before.

4. Helps you save time

Installation of the Holder rain gutter system on the roof.

Installing a gutter is serious business, and rushing might result in costly mistakes. The risks of improper installation and failure to get precise measurements are high, resulting in expensive fixes. If you’ve taken the DIY route, you must fully understand ‘how to attach the gutter to the house’ by watching videos several times and taking practice tests as necessary. Add to it the time it takes to source the right materials.

Generally, gutter installation in an average-sized home can take a skilled DIYer at least one day. Comparatively, contractors can do 150 linear feet of gutter in 7 hours. With experts working on your roof channels, you’ll have more time to focus on more important activities at home or in the office.

5. Relieves you from potential safety issues and other risks

A ladder is necessary to reach the gutters, and these tools are helpful in similar activities. Using the ladder might sound simple, but accidents happen more often than you think. According to the American National Standards Institute, over 300 deaths, 2,000 injuries, and 130,000 accidents are annually attributed to ladder use or misuse.

These figures must provide enough reason for homeowners to think twice about doing the installation themselves. On the other hand, contractors carry insurance to cover staff injuries and property damage. These professionals are also equipped with the latest technology to make gutter installation and other works safe and efficient.

Summing up

It’s crucial to let reputable contractors check, maintain, fix, replace, and install your gutters, considering their importance in preserving the integrity of your home. For the reasons stated above, a professional gutter installation not only saves you from costly repairs in the future. It can also provide you and your family with two invaluable benefits: peace of mind and security.

Before starting your gutter project, reach out to reliable gutter experts in your area to get the best value for your money.