Oct 20, 2022

5 Factors Affecting The Cost Of Getting Your Gutter Fixed

Tim Shepel
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Gutters and downspouts are essential elements of a home's exterior. These features protect the property from severe erosion due to heavy rainfall. Without a gutter to guide the water stream from the roof to the drainage system, vast amounts of water will wash the soil around the house away, which could seriously damage the landscape or the lawn.

Apart from this, gutters can help prevent basement flooding and an early deterioration of the home's sidings. By controlling the flow of rainwater, both parts of the home exterior won't be highly impacted by water pressure or friction, which can do severe damage over time.

Because of its protective and practical features, most homeowners in the United States are willing to spend the average gutter installation cost, around USD$3,000. Apart from this, many opt for professional repair services when a damaged gutter needs to be restored.

If you'd like to know the factors that could affect the costs of getting your gutter fixed, here are some of them:

1. Gutter structure

Builder Preparing Estimate For Exterior Home Improvement

There are two main types of gutter structures: sectional and seamless gutter type. The former’s design comprises smaller sections fastened together, while the latter uses one long strip of structural material such as aluminum.

If you're wondering how much to replace a gutter, the answer lies in your home's gutter structure, as it can affect the costs of repairs. For instance, fixing damage on a sectional gutter can cost around USD$100 to USD$215. Meanwhile, repairing seamless gutters requires more complex processes. Thus, it costs more than a sectional gutter. If you have damaged seamless gutters, you can expect to pay around USD$130 to USD$280.

2. Home structure

How tall is your house? Besides the gutter structure, it’s essential to know that your home’s structure affects the cost as well. Therefore, the taller your home structure is, the higher the gutter repairs will cost. To give you an idea, here is an example of the average gutter repair costs based on the number of stories in a house structure:

  • One story: USD$170
  • Two stories: USD$345
  • Three levels or more: USD$500

These costs are also influenced by other factors mentioned in this article, but you can consider these figures as a reference when you compare work estimates from contractors.

3. Materials used

Aside from the structures, the material used for your gutters will also influence the repair cost. This Old House estimates that cost-friendly materials, such as vinyl and aluminum, can cost around USD$4 to USD$7 per linear foot to repair. The repair costs tend to be cheaper because these materials are also commonly used for sectional types of gutters.

Meanwhile, gutters made with more expensive materials, including stainless steel, copper, and zinc, can cost up to USD$30 per linear foot to repair. The repair costs are higher because the contractors may require extra labor, technique, machinery, or tools to accommodate this work.

4. Labor costs

The labor costs would depend on the extent of damage and how complex the repair process would be. Some homeowners with the tools, knowledge, and expertise in home repair opt to take on the task as a do-it-yourself (DIY) project to save on repair costs.

However, some repair tasks are best left to the experts who fix gutters, especially if the damage is extensive or requires professional tools or equipment. Moreover, attempting to complete the work yourself may be dangerous or counterproductive if you're new to home repair projects.

Instead, you can save some money on repairs by looking for good deals in your location and asking for recommendations from friends and family. This way, you'll have better chances of acquiring quality professional work while minimizing the costs.

5. Cleaning Requirements

Gutters are exposed to many pollutants, including dried leaves and other plant parts, debris, and animal droppings. These waste materials can contribute to the deterioration of your gutter and may also cause clogging.

Because of this, the repair work may also include cleaning costs, which adds to the expenses. In this case, you'll be able to save some money on professional services by keeping the gutter clean and clog-free.

Professional gutter cleaning can cost around USD$110 for an average-sized household. This maintenance task is recommended to be done at least twice a year to keep your gutters in top shape. However, cleaning the gutters yourself or with other household members is possible if you have the proper tools.


Rain gutter repair costs can be manageable, provided that your expectations are set and that you're aware of the factors that can dictate how much you'll need to spend. These fees don't necessarily mean you have to break the bank, but it'll be helpful if you know what to prepare for. Meanwhile, knowing how much repair costs would be can also serve as a motivation to stay on track with cleaning and upkeep.